Beowulf Baltimore Ravens Pullover Jacket


Beowulf Baltimore Ravens Pullover Jacket

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Specifications Material
Polyester Inner
Viscose Lining Pockets
Two Side and One Large Middle Flap Pocket with Velcro Sleeves
Full Length Hemline
Elastic Knitted Collar
Removable Hooded Collar Cuffs
Elastic Knitted Closure
Quarter-Zip Closure Color
Black, Blue, and White

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Product Description

Beowulf Baltimore Ravens Body Check Pullover Jacket

Beowulf Baltimore Ravens Men Body Check Pullover Quarter-Zip Jacket “Why do the Baltimore Ravens have three mascots?” Named Edgar, Allen and Poe. Each of these mascots represents the full name of the famous Baltimorean poet, Edgar Allen Poe (whose poem ”Raven” was adopted as the team name). They also signify the common stereotypes associated with NFL players. Edgar (bulky, arrogant one), Allen (lean and quick) and Poe (slouchy but charming). Edgar and Allen retired in 2008, only for them to return in 2022 when Poe got injured. Made from breathable polyester and viscose lining, the Beowulf Baltimore Ravens Body Check Pullover Jacket is perfect for speeding down the Baltimorean streets and representing Baltimore Ravens at the Super Bowl (even though the team didn’t make it to the finals).

With large pockets (to keep hands warm), wide full-length sleeves (to prevent ugly forearm bunching), and elastic knitted cuffs (for a snatched look), the hooded jacket comes with a removable cape and is lined with Gucci-grade quarter-zippers. The jacket is available in the colors “Black, Blue, and White” (to give you that signature Raven look). Part of our latest Baltimore Raven Jacket Hoodie Collection, the Beowulf Baltimore Ravens Men Body Check Pullover Quarter-Zip Jacket is the official merch of the Maryland raven’s team. (and an absolute wardrobe essential). To buy, add to cart and claim our exclusive discount deal on all Baltimore Ravens Jacket and Hoodie Collection. You also get free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Ciao for now!

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